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The Wedding Cake – Featured Attraction!

Posted on: May 19, 2011

Your marriage cake, whether it's a sweet sheet cake or a 5 tiered luxuriance, will be the 1st sight that catches the guests attention as they enter into the room.

Marriage Cake Decisions Your mummies marriage cake was possibly a traditional white, stacked or tiered confection covered with buttercream and topping flowers. Have you spotted the wealthy range of marriage cakes? If you're a cake decorator like me, you get to experience this variety in marriage cakes first hand, but if you're selecting a cake for your own marriage, you've got some reducing to do. While considering all this, remember that the marriage cake, also called the brides cake, presents a forceful symbol of the brides style and personal choice, just as the grooms cake is designed with his best interests in mind. Nevertheless a growing practice is for bride and grooms shared interests to be reflected in the marriage cake. If a marriage planner is employed, this person will look after this detail. Marriage cake toppers come in several forms and can be as different as the couples who select them. From sublime monograms to fun and funny cake toppers, you'll find something completely unique to crown your wedding cake in style and put an individual touch on your marriage cake. Here are the key kinds of marriage cake toppers : Floral Marriage Cake Toppers As flowers are such a significant part of marriages, its only natural that flowers would make their way on top of marriage cakes too. Flowers as marriage cake toppers add natural beauty to marriage cakes and are excellent for any type of marriage that features flowers in other areas like the brides bouquet or table centerpieces. Floral cake toppers can be made by a small tight bunch of blooms on top of the cake or a grouping of flowers cascading down the marriage cake. You do not need faded and shriveling flowers on top of your marriage cake. Funny cake toppers are available that feature the bride-to-be and groom climbing up the marriage cake, the bride fishing for the groom and even a cake topper where the bride drags the groom by the gasp leg. Though theyre actually not for each couple, if you and your fianceacute, have an entertaining humorous personality and wish to lighten up your marriage reception, an amusing marriage cake topper will do the job. Ask for a sampling of the flavour with the filling and topping you would like. Do not be shy about enrolling friends and family.
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